Gaining a following

Getting people to follow your work on social media is a complex process. There’s no guarantee that a certain approach or type of post will definitely get you followers, so it’s mostly a question of posting as often as possible and finding out for yourself what works and what doesn’t. If you’re just starting out, it can be discouraging, because it’s hard to get noticed. Despite this, it’s good to just keep posting and trying to observe long-term results rather than expecting instant success. I recommend posting as regularly and as often as possible. Try to post a mixture of finished and rough work – people like to see the process behind a drawing. Try to share knowledge and tips with others so that they can learn from your work. Most importantly, try to be an active member of a community – get to know other users, respond to comments, and follow other accounts. You’ll gain followers from these interactions and you can also learn a lot from how other people handle their social media accounts.

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