Getting started as a freelancer

When I first became a freelancer, I had already been posting my work online and building a following for about 6 years. By the time I was ready to accept freelance work, I already had some interesting requests for projects lined up, so I could instantly start working. However, in the beginning, the work I did varied enormously and was not always the best fit. Some of it was very low-paid or didn’t match my skillset, and sporadic in nature – sometimes I had numerous offers, sometimes my schedule was empty for a few months. I filled those gaps by doing commissions. It took about 5 years to get a steady stream of client work that was a good fit with my abilities. Getting there was really a question of building work experience, gaining confidence in my skills, and continuing to make and post personal art in order to expand my online exposure. Almost all of my clients approach me because they have seen my work on the internet, so for me, it’s been essential to keep sharing my art on social media in order to find work. For artists just starting out, my main tip is to give yourself lots of time to find your footing and figure out how you want to approach networking. There are many options out there, so find out what suits you best!

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