Contacting me about

If you want to contact me about something, this section has info on the best way to do that.


I am no longer accepting personal commissions for the time being! My schedule is often filled with client work and personal projects, leaving little to no time for commissions. Because I am never sure when my schedule will clear up, I do not keep a waiting list of any kind. Sorry about that!

Buying prints and merchandise

Right now, you can buy my work through INPRNT and Society6. These are on-demand printing services, which means that they are printed upon request and shipped from the U.S. I do not handle them personally! If you are interested in a signed print, please contact me at, although please be aware that shipping from The Netherlands is relatively expensive.

Fan Art

I occasionally draw fan art – that is, drawings of popular characters such as The Little Mermaid or Wonder Woman. However, I don’t offer these works for sale in any way, shape or form. It is a personal rule of mine that I do not make money directly off of fan art, so unfortunately, prints of these works are not available!


If you’d like to interview me, please contact me to inquire as to whether my schedule allows! However, I am not able to do interviews for school projects. I get too many requests for these and I just don’t have the time to do them all! In these situations, I hope my FAQ is a sufficient source of information. If there is anything which is not dealt with here and is very urgent, you can always e-mail me at

Reviewing artwork & mentoring

I sometimes get requests to give portfolio reviews or mentor artists. I’m not able to do these due to a lack of time, sorry about that! I do offer tips, advice, and tutorials through my Patreon.

Sponsored posts

I currently do not accept any requests to promote projects, artists, or products of any kind on my social networks. Any promotions or shout-outs that you’ll find on my social networks are purely out of personal interest. Please do not ask me to promote your product, personal project, or brand on my social media!

Reporting art theft

If you find my artwork being used in a way that you suspect is illegal, please do not hestitate to contact me at Thanks to people’s willingness to contact me, I’ve been notified of many copyright breaches that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise and am able to file DMCA takedowns to handle the issue! Any help is appreciated.

“Style theft”

Please do not contact me to report an artist who is imitating my style. Please be aware that a certain degree of similarity to my own artwork is not a copyright breach and therefore not illegal, even though it is heavily frowned upon in the digital art community. Please also refrain from harassing artists who do this.

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