The Art of Loish is my first artbook, which was published in 2016. It is an overview of my work, including digital paintings, sketches, speedpaints, and character design work. It contains 152 pages, with two comprehensive tutorials, as well as tips and advice. You can buy it directly through my publisher, 3Dtotal, or on Amazon and other web shops.


The Art of Loish was launched on Kickstarter and was backed by 7,663 people, who pledged a total of £246,490 to bring this project to life. The Kickstarter edition contained not only the book but also a signed print, card set, bookmark, and special mailing carton.


The Art of Loish has been translated into Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.


Currently, the only way to get a signed copy of The Art of Loish is by purchasing a copy directly through my publisher, which contains a signed bookplate. I also occasionally sell and sign books at events. Sign up to my newsletter to stay updated on upcoming events!

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