The Sketchbook of Loish is my second artbook, which was published in 2018. It focuses on my rough work, including sketches from my sketchbook, speedpaints, studies, and the rough versions of my digital paintings. Just like my first artbook, it contains 152 pages and contains two tutorials as well as tips and advice. You can buy it directly through my publisher, 3Dtotal, or on Amazon and other web shops.


Just like with my first artbook, this book was launched on Kickstarter. It was backed by 9665 people and a total of £383,404 was raised to bring the project to life. The Kickstarter edition was mailed in a special carton and also contained bookmarks, stickers, a card set, and a coloring book.


You can purchase copies with signed bookplates directly through my publisher.  I also occasionally sell and sign books at events. Sign up to my newsletter to stay updated on upcoming events!

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