The Style of Loish is my third artbook. It is currently in production and scheduled to be released in April 2022. In this book, I talk about what defines my visual style and how it developed over time, but also give detailed breakdowns of my techniques and creative process. Most importantly, this book includes exercises and tips for artists who are searching for their own visual style, including a detailed in-depth tutorial with tips and suggestions for adapting it to your own workflow.


The Style of Loish was launched on Kickstarter and was backed by 7,595 people, who pledged a total of £460,129 to bring this project to life. Backers will receive their book in April 2022, and will get their copy of this book with a bookmark, postcard set, sticker sheet and playing card set contained in a special mailing carton.

Through this Kickstarter campaign, it was possible to purchase exclusive add-ons, including a special slipcase to hold all three of my artbooks, a booklet with sketching exercises to help you find your own style, and a limited edition giclée print.

To view the kickstarter page and get updates on the progress of the book, visit this link:

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