If you’re looking for resources to learn more about drawing and digital art, I post them regularly on my Patreon. You can subscribe to my Spark tier for $5 a month, and in return you’ll get a monthly tutorial, step-by-steps, early access to my art, and more. You can also subscribe to my Flame tier for $10 a month, and you’ll get access to the full backlog of tutorials, which consists of 28+ subtitled voice-over videos that are over 30 minutes long and include tips, demonstrations, and techniques. Flame members also get a monthly drawing challenge and interactive Q&A session. All members get access to an exclusive discord community where they can share their work and connect with other artists.

Here is an overview of some of the things I offer through my Patreon:


Every month I upload a comprehensive tutorial focusing on a specific subject. They are 40 – 60 minutes long and have an instructional lecture-type format. They cover a wide range of topics, from constructing poses to generating ideas. There are tutorials about Procreate, Photoshop, and also traditional media. Here are some short previews of some of the tutorials I’ve created for my patrons:

Tutorial preview: creating dynamic sketches

Tutorial preview: painting without over-rendering

Tutorial preview: creating flowy shapes


I often record my painting and drawing process from beginning to end, either as a screen recording or by filming over my shoulder as I draw. These videos show how I create my work from the first sketch to the final details and are often posted in real time, so you can get a realistic impression of my painting and drawing process.


I post step-by-steps that walk you through the process of creating my work, or elaborate on specific tools and techniques that I use.


Patrons get access to all of my sketchbook tours, in which I browse through my sketchbooks and talk about my process and the ideas behind each sketch. Here’s a quick timelapse showing some of my sketchbooks which were featured in the sketchbook tours.


My patrons are always the first to see my art, because their support allows me to keep creating personal work! Here are just a few paintings that were made possible thanks to the support of my patrons.


If you enjoy my art or want access to some of the behind-the-scenes resources I post every month, you can support me on Patreon here: Patreon.com/Loish.

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