Other Activities

Sometimes I draw with traditional tools, animate, and design websites. Here you’ll find information about those topics.


To create my Inktober artwork, I use a mix of different tools. The most important are a colored pencil for the base sketch, fineliners to ink, and moleskine paper which doesn’t bleed through. You can find an overview of all of the tools I use for Inktober on my Amazon affiliate page.


When creating pencil sketches, my only requirement is that the pencil I use is a mechanical pencil. For the last few years I’ve been using a bunch of free pencils that I picked up at a Novotel once. I like mechancial pencils because they have a nice sharp tip!


I usually sketch in my sketchbook, which is an A4 sized moleskine sketchbook. This is my favorite type of sketchbook because the paper is nice and thick! My other art is usually drawn on sheets of A4 printer paper.

Links to my animation work

Although I do mostly digital painting and concept art, I studied animation and have worked on various animation projects in the past! You can find an overview of some of the animation work I did in the animation section of my portfolio.

Animation software

When I create 2D animation, I use TVPaint, a useful program which offers good digital drawing tools and a timeline. Similar functionality is now built in to Photoshop and Procreate as well. I usually make the backgrounds for my animations in Photoshop and composite my animations in Adobe After Effects, as well as animate with it. I sometimes edit my animations with Adobe Premiere Pro.


I’ve had this website since 2004! I used to code it myself using notepad, having learned some basic html and css from my little sister and online tutorials. I moved on to Dreamweaver eventually, coding most of the website myself. If you want to see some of the previous website designs, check out this google album. Sadly, my limited knowledge of coding is no longer sufficient to make a website on my own. Luckily Arjen Klaverstijn came to my rescue and made this version of the site in WordPress.

Social media following

People often ask how I built up my social media following. I’ve been very active with posting my artwork online ever since I started drawing digitally in 2003, so that’s where it started for me. Besides drawing on oekaki boards, I posted all my work to Deviantart and maintained a personal website. Over the years, I kept doing these things as well as branching out to tumblr, and soon after that, instagramfacebook, and twitter. By posting consistently for such a long timeframe, what started as a small follower base grew gradually larger and larger over time. The platform that has had the biggest impact on my following is Deviantart, which I used very actively at a time where most artists were concentrated on this platform.

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